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Though we are a very flexible and liberal shell hosting service, there are still things that will get you banned.
Here is the list of these things:

  • Attempting to interfere with other users files or processes
  • Attempting to run rootkits, exploits, viruses etc
  • Excessive port scanning on targets you don't have permission to scan
  • Excessive vulnerability scanning on targets you don't have permission to scan
  • Getting the server banned from websites and IRC networks etc.
  • Hosting illegal or copyrighted materials
  • Hosting phishing sites
  • Hosting spamming sites
  • Hosting unprotected web proxies, php shells, tor nodes etc.
  • Intentionally trying to break the server or a service
  • Providing third parties access to services and/or server resources without express permission.
  • Running applications that consume unfair amounts of resources, either CPU time, RAM, disk space or bandwidth (this includes torrents, tor nodes, game servers and SHOUTcast)
  • Selling access to hosting or services
  • Storing files outside your home directory
  • Using the server as a platform for attacks on other networks or services.

Rules regarding invites:

  • Any user may generate one invite per 30 days.
  • Getting an invite is not getting a shell. When you have an invite, you can request a shell, and we will consider it.
  • If a user you have invited gets rejected, you may not generate a new invite for those 30 days.
  • Once an invite code has been used to make a request, it can not be used again.
  • When a user you have invited gets banned, you will receive a strike against your account.
  • 3 strikes, and you're outof here.
  • For every strike, the amount of invites you can generate is reduced. Days between invites = 30 x (strikes + 1)

Anything not explicitly listed in these rules may still get you banned if we see fit, this is at the discretion of our staff.

Long story short: please don't be a dick.