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Information about Insomnia 24/7 shells on Lydia

We're running this shell host with our own time, money and loving attention.

Please don't be a dick, that's all we ask.

Check out our rules and F.A.Q.

Information about shells on

The admin is lazy so all the same rules apply for as for Lydia.

Services list on Insomnia 24/7

port service
21 FTP
25 SMTP (internal mail only)
222 SSH (alternative)
3306 MySQL
5000 - 5500 User ports
20000 Usermin (https)

Backups on Insomnia 24/7

Files: All storage is mirrored in a RAID1 array. Offsite backups are made 3 times a week. See backup page for more info.

Power: A UPS feeds the server and local network equipment for aprox. 40 minutes in case of a power failure and protects against power surges.